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Each month speakers present topics that have shaped Sangamon County history.  The society also offers a number of guided bus tours and special events such as picnics, dinners, and re-enactments.  Browse our calendar and register today! 

Upcoming events

    • September 19, 2017
    • 5:30 PM
    • ACE Sgn Company, 2540 S. First Street

    The Society kicks off its fall meeting season with a members-only tour of this unique, privately run museum that charts Springfield's history through its signage heritage led by ACE president Dennis Bringuet.

    • October 01, 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois

    Some of Springfield's most colorful individuals who are buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery will be depicted through creative presentations by actors in period costume, so as to better acquaint visitors with the rich heritage that makes Springfield unique. This stroll through history had been a regular occurrence and, only last year, was returned to the schedule of annual events following a brief hiatus. The walk is free to the public. 

    • November 14, 2017
    • 5:30 PM
    • Carnegie Room North, Lincoln Public Library

    Scientists Glenn Freimuth and Gary Sternberg will share findings on their Tree Ring research toward which the Society provided a $1,000 Special Projects grand in 2015. By analyzing tree rings, they have been trying to resolve debate over the first structures in Sangamon County by accurately determining date and establish settlement chronology and settlement patterns.

    Plcease join us for this very special presentation.

Past events

July 18, 2017 Members Only Tour - Illinois Supreme Court Building
June 13, 2017 Annual Meeting and Dinner
May 16, 2017 The Sangamon Ordinance Plant, Its Impact and Legacy
April 18, 2017 Images of Modern America, Springfield
March 18, 2017 Trivia Night - Fifth Annual
February 21, 2017 Black History Month/The 1908 Springfield Race Riot
January 17, 2017 Preserving History Through Photography
December 13, 2016 SCHS Christmas Party
November 15, 2016 World War II Vet's Memoirs
October 09, 2016 Echoes of Yesterday, A Walk Through Oak Ridge Cemetery
September 20, 2016 History of the Sangamon Ordinance Plant to be Presented
June 21, 2016 SCHS Annual Meeting and Dinner
May 10, 2016 MEMBERS ONLY--MUSEUM TOUR--Chiara Center, St. Francis of Assisi Church and Franciscan Heritage
April 19, 2016 The Brewing History of Central Illinois
February 16, 2016 My Home. My History
January 19, 2016 US Grant, Stories of My Life
December 15, 2015 Annual Holiday Party
November 17, 2015 The Music of Lincoln's Era
October 20, 2015 The Sultana Tragedy and its Springfield Connection
October 11, 2015 Echoes of Yesteryear: A Walk through Oak Ridge Cemetery
September 15, 2015 From Telegraph to Television: The Amazing History of Sangamon County's Electronic Communications
August 13, 2015 MEMBERS ONLY--History of the Springfield Muni Opera and Performance of West Side Story
July 22, 2015 POSTPONED--Members Only Supreme Court Tour
June 23, 2015 SCHS Annual Meeting and Dinner
May 19, 2015 North End Pride: The History of Lanphier High School
April 07, 2015 Tour of Edwards Place--MEMBERS ONLY
March 21, 2015 SOLD OUT!--3rd Annual History Trivia Night
February 17, 2015 Oak Ridge Cemetery
January 20, 2015 When History Becomes Personal
December 16, 2014 Annual Holiday Party
November 18, 2014 Reporting on Life--Taylor Pensoneau
October 21, 2014 Now You See It, Now You Don't--William Furry
September 16, 2014 Tour of the Chatham Railroad Museum--MEMBERS ONLY
June 17, 2014 SCHS Annual Meeting and Dinner
May 20, 2014 The State Fair: A Historical Perspective
April 15, 2014 Tour of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library--MEMBERS ONLY
March 22, 2014 History Trivia Night -- SOLD OUT!!
March 18, 2014 Establishing Borders: Thomas Jefferson and the Shape of Illinois
February 18, 2014 Courtships and Weddings During the Lincoln Era
February 02, 2014 Six Degrees of Abraham Lincoln
January 21, 2014 When Weather Made History
December 10, 2013 Annual Holiday Party
November 05, 2013 Memories of World War II and the Korean War
October 22, 2013 Spooky Sangamon County
September 17, 2013 Air Combat Museum Tour (members only)
June 25, 2013 SCHS Annual Meeting and Dinner
May 21, 2013 The Way We Wore: How Fashion Shaped Society Here in the 1800s and Early 1900s
April 27, 2013 History Trivia Night
April 16, 2013 Members Only Supreme Court Tour
March 19, 2013 Lincoln Funeral Reenactment Update
February 19, 2013 Illinois State Military Museum Tour
January 08, 2013 National Museum of Surveying Tour
December 11, 2012 Annual Holiday Party
November 06, 2012 Illinois Stories with Mark McDonald
October 16, 2012 SIU Pearson Medical Museum Tour by Dr. Phil Davis
September 08, 2012 Sangamon County History Through the Arts II
September 08, 2012 Photo Contest--August 17 deadline to enter!
September 07, 2012 Reception: Sangamon County History through the Arts II
June 23, 2012 Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of The War of 1812
June 21, 2012 Annual meeting
June 05, 2012 "Thomas Houghan of Edwards' Place, Part 2," by Erika Holst
May 15, 2012 Trip to Power Farms
April 17, 2012 The Sangamon Country and the War of 1812 by David Brady
April 14, 2012 Bus Tour to C. H. Moore Homestead/DeWitt County Museum
April 06, 2012 "Uncle Tom's Cabin," by Kathryn Harris
March 30, 2012 "The Enigma in the Wright House," by Roberta Volkmann
March 23, 2012 "Recent Revelations in the Lincoln World, Little and Big" by James Cornelius
March 20, 2012 "Big Top on the Prairie: Illinois' Circus History," by Tara McAndrew
February 16, 2012 Christianizing Lincoln by Dr. Samuel P. Wheeler
June 01, 1990 1990 Annual Meeting
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